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At first , we tender our homage and regards to the immortal soul of Late Nanilal Halder, the founder of our dear institution.Since the very embryonic stage of our school, we are committed to catering for quality and man-making education to our dear students. We are thankful to our caring staff, sensible guardians, wise and school –friendly management,devoted well-wishers and sincere local people for their spontaneous and unstinted co-operation for the upkeep and enhancement of the academic ambience of our school. We have Science and Arts Streams in the Plus Two level with well-equipped Science and Computer laboratories.

Distribution of potatoes
Closure of school till 15th April 2020
No 1st Summative/Unit Test '20 till 15thApril
School closed till 15th April
Exams of H.S &Class XI Annual postponed
Revised routine of COMS,COMA (Pr)of XI
1st Unit Test 2020, Routine (IX &X)
Revised Routine for 1st Summative/Unit Tes t
Computer Lab for 1st Summative 2020
Class XI Practical Annual exam 2020
Classes toremain fully suspended for XI exm X
Suspension of classes for Class XI exam 2020
Seating Plan for Class XI Annual Exam 2020
Career Counselling Workshop
H.S.2020 Centre
H.S.2020 Centre
Registration Certificates for Class XI 19_20
First Summative / Unit Test 2020
Distribution of Admit for H.S.2020 candidates
Class XI & H.S 2020 Routine
Annual Sports 2020 Final
Distribution Admit for Madhyamik Exam 2020
আজ স্বামী বিবেকানন্দের জন্মদিনে প্রণ
Guardians'meeting of Class X
Physics practical exam of Class XII(FINAL)
Closure of provisional admission to ClassV
Class XI students ....Checklist signature
Final Practical exams of Class XII 2019
Closure of school & HS Test exam 2019
Closure of school & HS Test exam 2019
Publication of results of H.S Test Exam 2019
Class suspension notice for H.S Test Exam'19
Class X Test Exam 2019 routine
HS 2020 ..Pattern remains unchanged
150th birth anniversary of Gandhiji
Road Rally to commemorate Vidyasagar in 2019
Routine of Test Exam 2019 of Class XII
Road Rally to commemorate Vidyasagar.
Biswakarma Puja holiday 2019
Stay Green,Live Green
200th birth anniversary of Vidyasagar
15th August 2019 in our school
15th August 2019 in our school
15th August 2019 in our school & Kargil Vijay
Little aid for the Flood in Assam
Scholarships for Class X. 2019
Scholarships for Class VIII 2019
Slight changes in Routine of 2nd Summative 19
Routine of 2nd Summative 2019,V to VIII
Routine of IX and X 2019
Routine of XI and XII 2019
Computer practical exams,2nd summarize 2019
Appeal for help of the Assam flood hit people
Our Tribute to Dr.Bidhan Chandra Roy
Water Crisis.Say "No" to wastage of water.
পানীয় জল সংকট।আসুন,আমরা আরো বেশি সচেত
Distribution of Progress Reports (V to X)
Commencement of classes of ClassXI 2019-20
Commencement of classes of ClassXI 2019-20
Reopening of school after summer vacation'19
Distribution of Marks sheets of MP 2019
Distribution of Marks heera of MP 2019
Adm forms & Combinations for Class XI 2019-20
Reopening of school and Summer Vacation 2019
Progress Reports of 1st Summative 2019
Commencement of classes of ClassXII 2019-20
Fake Facebook Account by some criminals
Results of Class XI Annual exam 2018-19
1st Summative Computer Lab Exam 2019
1st Summarize & Unit Test 2019 Routine
Class XII Practical Exam routine 2019
1st Summative & Unit Test 2019
Mesti g with children for Exposure Visit 19
Child Cabinet with SPLASH
Saraswati pujs
Exposure Visit to Belurmath
Suspension of classes for madhyamik 19
Distribution of Admit Cards of MP 2019
Results of HS Mock Test 19
Results of Mock Test of Madhyamik 19
Suspension of classes
Change of writers of Physical Science
New Session 2019 classes
Normal classes if Class XI 2018-19
Date of Uniform measurements,2019
Readmission dates ...2019 session
Felicitations of 5 of our students ,not 4.
Felicitations of our students by RK Mission
3rd Summative Results and readmission
Routine of class XI Half Yearly Exam. 2018-19
HS Test results 2018
Class X Test results 2018
Issuance of Mock Test forms
Mock Test 2018 rescheduled
No classes from Class V to Class IX 2018
National Children's Science Congress 2018
Provisional Admission to class V 2019 revised
Provisional Admission to class V 2019
Routine of 3rd Summative 2018
Routine of Test Exams of Classes X and XII'18
3rd Summative,Half yearly exam of class XI'18
Test Exams of X &XII,18,results,form filling
Class XI 2018 Short Test routine
Dengue and malaria prevention awareness
Short Test of Class XI 2018
Kerala Flood Relief Fund from school
Suspension of classes in August 2018
Revised Routine of Class XII PreTest 2018
Registration forms filling in of Class IX2018
Routine of 2nd Summative ( V to X) & PreTest
Prashanta Bhattacharya Smriti Puroskar
Classes of Class XI 2018--2019
School open during the suspension of classes
No classes till 30th June 2018
Holiday on the occasion of the Eid
commencement of classes of Class XI,2018-2019
Mark sheets and certificates of MP(SE) 2018
Admission Notice for Class XI 2018--2019
Inter school Elocution & Essay competition
School reopens on 1st June 2018
Free coaching of NEET & JEE for SC & ST
Bag distribution postponed
Rabindra Jayanti & Summer vacation
Annual Result XI - 2017-18.
Memorial awards distribution to M.P & HS '17
Results of Annual Exam of Class XI 2018
Routine of Practical of class XI,17-18
Routine of the 1st Summative and Unit 2018
Free Medical Check up camp
Routine of the Practical Exam of Class XI
Results of Class XI Annual Exam 2018
Routine of 1st Summative & Unit(V to X) 2018
Free Medical Check up camp
1St Summative & Unit Test 2018
Results of Class XI Annual Exam 2018
Exam fees of Class XI
Holiday on 2.3.18
Distribution of Admit Cards of Madhyamik 2018
Yuvo Utsov
Our gratitude to Sri Bharat Shah.
Thalassemia Test Camp
Mock Test MP
Holiday list 2018
Workshop on Darwin on 12th& 16th February2018
Closure of School on 9.2.18
Annual Sports Final 2018
Results of Mock Test of MP SE 2018
Guardians'meeting of Class XI
Suspension of Classes for Mock Test
Animal Welfare Awareness Workshop
PRITIVOJ for Saraswati Puja 2018
Education Excellence Award S.N.Vidyapith
Invitation to our school on Saraswati Puja
Mock Test for MP(SE) 2018
Swamiji's 156th birthday in our school
Swamiji's 156th birthday in our school
Swamiji's 156th birthday in our school
Swamiji's 156th birthday in our school
Swamiji's 156th birthday in our school
Swamiji's 156th birthday in our school
Homage to Swamiji on his 156th birthday
Creative Writing Competition on English
156th birth anniversary of Swamiji
Guardians'meetings for classes VI,VII,VIII
Half yly exam results of classXI17-18
Holiday list of 2018
Distribution of Test papers for MP,2018
Class V students,Welcome to SNV Family
Happy New Year 2018
Farewell ceremony for Class XII (H.S 2018)
Guardians ' meet for new Class V,2018
Suspension of classes of class XI on 19th Dec
Results of the Annual Exam 2017 from V to IX
3rd position in West Bengal
Distribution of Govt. Exercise books to XII
Admission to Class VI 2018
Results of Annual Exams 17 from Class V to IX
Resumption of normal classes of XI,2017
Career counselling for classesXI and XII
Form filling in of Class:X 2017
Form filling in of Class Class:XII2017
Fees deposit
Results of Test exams of Class X 2017
Results of Test Exam of ClassXII 2017
Admission to class V,2018
Suspension of Classes of IX and XI
Routine of Annual & half yearly exams
Seminar on Geomorphology for classes IX to XI
SC/ST students of classes XI & XII
Routine Of Class XII Arts..Test Exam Latest
State level Yoga Competition: 2nd Position
Routine of Test Exams of Classes X & XII 201
Routine of the Practical Practice of HS.
Free Eye check up camp
Celebrations of Sister Nivedita's birthday
Geography Pre first class
Swasthya Prokolpo for SED,WB
Suvo Vijaya
Swajan prizez
Vidyasagar'birth anniversary celebrated
Vidyasagar'birth anniversary celebrated
Vidyasagar'birth anniversary celebrated
Results of Short Test & Pretest of XI,XII,17
Celebrations of Vidyasagar's birthday
Test Exams of Classes X & XII,2017
3rd Summative & XI half yly exams 2017
Suspension of classes
Classes XI & XII science 2017
197th Jayanti celebrations of Vidyasagar
Results of 2nd Summative 2017
Admission to Class V in 2018
One section in classVI
Full classes from class V to class X
Classes suspended for XI & XII Exams 17..18
Routine:XI Short Test & XII PreTest 2017..18
Our gratitude to guardians
Thalassemia awareness workshop
Relief aid for the flood hit people
Remedial classes for Class IX ,2017